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Last Updated 4-October-18
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RAL HOMES Victoria. Australia
It is with great pleasure and excitement that we, Damien (Damo) Simonetta and Angela (Anj) Cricelli introduce ourselves as the new owners of the innovative kit home manufacturing business,

RAL Homes.

With deepest respect for Reiny, Lorraine, Brett and the RAL team, we are excited to bring our own fresh look and incorporate our knowledge and experience into the operation of business. Watch this space as we will be making a few updates and changes to the brand.

We both grew up in a rural setting near the town of Mildura located on the mighty Murray River in far north west Victoria. Growing up together as first cousins we have always had a solid family connection. Since becoming parents it is very important to us to lead by example and teach our children that if you believe in something (in this case Reiny Loeligers’ concept), anything is possible.

Damo’s introduction to RAL Homes; “was always having an interest in alternative power production and home building systems as a young man. I was a regular reader of the Alternative Technology Association’s (ATA) Soft Technology magazine (now named Renew) as well as The Owner Builder magazine. Over the course of the late 90s and early 00s the RAL Home building system was featured regularly in these publications. The ease of assembly and the unorthodox appearance of these buildings appealed to me and I had always planned to build a RAL Home at some point in the future.”

Anj’s introduction to RAL Homes; “was moving to Trentham 9 years ago and meeting my neighbours who had one of the very first RAL Homes built 22 years ago. I couldn’t believe how warm it was with such a small wood fire……in Trentham where it snows in winter!! I loved the curved ceiling and very clever use of space. It surprised me how comfortable they were living completely off grid, which has always been a dream of mine to achieve.”

We are extremely grateful to Brett, Dave, Kim and the previous RAL team for this opportunity and their ongoing support, to resume the production and supply of this unique housing solution.

It’s an absolute honour to be able to keep Reiny’s dream alive and we look forward to meeting your future housing needs.

Keep up to date with our progress by liking and following us on our RAL Homes Facebook business page, or alternatively you can email us:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you, Damo and Anj