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RAL 2 Retreat
Ral 2 Retreat
Ral 2 Floorplan
Ral 2 Interior
Firstly, thank you for the patience and understanding over the last few months whilst formalities were undertaken with the business closure and ongoing family affairs.

There has been considerable interest in the purchase of display homes, particularly the RAL 2 Retreat.

Therefore, after careful thought, we have decided to first progress with the sale of the RAL 2 Retreat (see images below) as a priority and possible "litmus test" for the disassembly of a RAL Home. The RAL 2 Special and Elevated RAL 3 homes are planned to be onsold by mid 2018 at this stage.

RAL 2 Retreat - built on a Duragal steel subfloor and consists of 4 basic RAL modules (total 9.6m long, 6.3m wide) with 2 single glazed End Window walls, 2.4m deck and clear laser light verandah.

The price for this is $42500 without subfloor/flooring, (disassemble/removal purchasers responsibility). Subfloor/flooring, Internal walls and fixtures (kitchen, bathroom etc) are separate and price negotiable.

(Note: local disassembly cost without floor, salvaging most insulation, colorbond, hardware etc is estimated around $5000. Although RAL Homes contractors would carry out this process with due diligence and care, some residual surface damage during disassembly and storage could be present prior to delivery)

If interested please email with your contact details and I will be touch to discuss. Thank you.

Brett Loeliger (Director)
Click here for Display photos of RAL 2 Special and Elevated RAL 3
Additionally, there are the following items for sale in good condition as is and pick up in Ararat, Victoria.

Please email with contact details if interested and I will be in contact.
Thank you. Brett Loeliger (Director)

One complete 2 way RAL Intercept panels new - $15000

One complete 3 way RAL Intercept panels new - $15000

One complete RAL Kitchen self contained module - price on application
(plumbing/wiring ready for connection)

One complete Bathroom/Laundry/WC self contained module - price on application
(plumbing/wiring ready for connection)

One RAL Garage complete new (6.3m x 7.2m) - $10000

Woodwork Machinery (photos and price on application)

2013 Technomax CU350 elite Combination Saw

1991 Altendorf F45 5PH Table saw

Elumatec DG79 3HP Twin saw

Leda Table saw TS220

Bandsaw SN560

Super Saw 2HP sliding compound cutting saw

Electra Beckum Kgs301 compound sliding saw

Other Items

Chalmers and Corner corrugated iron Curving machine - $3000

Carbatec Router table with Makita 3612 BR2300 Router+acc - $1500

Various tools drills, routers, sanders etc (price on application)

Timber (price on application)

Pine 90x45

Merbau deck

12mm CD Structural Plywood

Plywood Flooring

Cypress pine posts

3mm Luan plywood

ShadowClad sheeting