RAL Overview
Ral 2 Retreat
Ral 2 Floorplan
The RETREAT has proved to be a winner in meeting the growing demand for a smaller RAL Home.
Using only four Basic RAL Modules, it is cost effective and surprisingly spacious, most suitable for couples as a Starter Home, Holiday Units, or Bed and Breakfast accommodation.

The RAL RETREAT blends into many different environments and being almost maintenance free, creates a unique way of living. This design has achieved a 5 Star Energy Rating - Building Thermal Assessment. RAL Homes can be designed to achieve "6 Star ratings" (applicable from May 1 , 2011) and additional RAL Modules can be added at any time to create a larger Family Home.
Ral 3 Home
Ral 2 Interior
Ral 3 Floorplan
Ral 5 Kit Home
Ral 5 Interior
Ral 5 Home Floorplan
The RAL 3 Home Series provides more area for the growing family.
Further expansion is a quick and simple process, using the bolt on RAL Modules.

Whether directly on the ground or elevated to catch the view, the RAL house is aesthetically pleasing and environmentally right.
This RAL 5 was extended from RAL 3 (above)
RAL Overview
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RAL 2 and RAL 3 Kit Homes

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