For most Internet Browsers and Windows :
Minimum installation : Cortona VRML Client , approx 1.6mb (Once the download is complete open the .exe file and follow the  instructions for installation) Click Here

Updated : Cortona3d Viewer approx 4.6mb (requires PC restart after installation) Click Here

Take a virtual tour of the Basic Module , 3-Way & 4-Way Intercepts
Basic Module
3-Way Intercept
4-Way Intercept
Note : A VRML viewer is required as a plug-in to your browser..
Instructions for Cortona Viewers

First Click on "Fit" (bottom right of viewer windows) to see the RAL Component

Mouseover icon for mode description required , then Click and hold with left mouse button , then move as desired within the screen window.

Clicking with the right mouse button also displays expanded menus for changing color , shading , wireframe etc.
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2-Way Intercept
RAL 3way Intercept
RAL 4way Intercept
Basic Ral Module
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RAL 2way Intercept
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